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50th Anniversary Book

The Association is Founded
Council Meetings

First Annual Meeting

  Meeting Program and Minutes
First President's Address - "Thoracic Surgery"
  by S. J. Meltzer, M.D., LL.D.
A Review of the Evolution of Thoracic Surgery Within the Past Fourteen Years
  by Willy Meyer, M.D.
Treatment of Empyema by the Carrel-Dakin Method at the War Demonstration Hospital, The Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research
  by George A. Stewart, MD.
What Shall Be Done with the Open Chronic Suppurations of the Chest Cavity?
  by Emil G. Beck, M.D.
Post-Operative Thoracic Drainage
  by Willy Meyer, M.D.
Comments and Discussion
Post-Organization Commentary

Some Contributions of the Founders
  Pleural Surgery
  Pulmonary Surgery
  Esophageal Surgery
  Vascular Surgery
  Cardiac Surgery
  Biographical Sketches
  Willy Meyer
  Samuel James Meltzer
  Rudoph Matas
  Alexis Carrel
  Howard Lilienthal
  Nathan W. Green
  Samuel Robinson
  Adrian Van Sinderen Lambert
  John A. Hartwell
  James Alexander Miller
  Henry Harrington Janeway
  Eugene Hillhouse Pool
  Edmond Melchior Von Eberts
  George J. Heuer

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