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Basic Science Lecturers

Year Name Title
2016 Gary H. Gibbons, MD Charting Our Future Together: Translating Discovery Science into Health Impact
2015 Donald E. Ingber, MD, PhD Biologically Inspired Engineering: The Next Technology Wave
2014 Margaret Moore Organize Your Mind in the Operating Room
2013 William D. Edwards, MD Update on Surgical-Pathologic Correlates of Valvular Heart Disease
2012 John E. Bares Will a Robot Take Your Job?
2011 Susan B. Shurin, MD Public Support of Biomedical Research
2010 Susan E. Mackinnon, MD Nerve Injury - Changing Surgical Paradigm through Translational Science
2009 Jonathan A. Epstein, MD Insights from Developmental and Stem Cell Biology
2008 Matts Karlson, Ph.D. The Link Between Engineering, Biomechanics, and Cardiovascular Physiology and Disease
2007 Steven R. Bailey, Ph.D. Nanotechnology - Impact on Cardiovascular Medicine
2006 H. Robert Horvitz, Ph.D. Genetic Control of Programmed Cell Death in C. elegasm
2005 Harry Dietz, MD New Insights Into the Pathogenisis and Treatment of Marfan Syndrome
2004 John B. West, MD A Shortage of Oxygen: Lessons from the Summit of Mt. Everest
2003 Richard White, MD Advanced Imaging: Aiding the “Mind’s Eye” of the Cardiothoracic Surgeon
2002 Steven A. Rosenberg, MD The Immune Response to Human Cancer: Lessons from the Molecular Analysis of Patients with a Dramatic Response to Immunotherapy
2001 Gerald D. Buckberg, MD The Helix and the Heart
2000 J. Craig Venter, PhD Decoding the Human Genome
1999 Victor Dzau, MD Gene Therapy Strategies for Research Revascularization
1998 Eric J. Topol, MD The Future of Coronary Thrombosis Prophylaxis
1997 Ronald G. Crystal, MD Implications for Gene Therapy in Treating Coronary Artery Disease and Lung Cancer
1994 Timothy A. Springer, PhD Traffic Signals for Leukocyte Emigration from the Blood Stream
1993 Andrew S. Wechsler, MD Molecular Biology: New Common Ground for Cardiothoracic Surgery
1992 Kurt Benirschke, MD Twinning
1991 Fritz H. Bach, MD Transplant Immunology: A Broadening of the Concept for the Future
1990 Louis Siminovitch, MD Advances in Cancer Research – Bench to Bedside
1989 Russell Ross, MD The Pathogenesis of Atherosclerosis
1988 Raj K. Goyal, MD Physiology and Pathophysiology of Esophageal Peristalsis
1987 Gustav J. V. Nossal, MD Immuno-Regulation: The Key to Transplantation and Autoimmunity

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