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Past Presidents of The American Association for Thoracic Surgery

  President Year Meeting Location
96th Joseph S. Coselli 2015-2016 Baltimore, MD
95th Pedro J. del Nido 2014-2015 Seattle, WA
94th David J. Sugarbaker 2013-2014 Toronto, ON
93rd Hartzell V. Schaff 2012-2013 Minneapolis, MN
92nd Craig R. Smith 2011-2012 San Francisco, CA
91st Irving L. Kron 2010-2011 Philadelphia, PA
90th G. Alec Patterson 2009-2010 Toronto, ON
89th Thomas L. Spray 2008-2009 Boston, MA
88th D. Craig Miller 2007-2008 San Diego, CA
87th Bruce W. Lytle 2006-2007 Washington, DC
86th Richard A. Jonas 2005-2006 Philadelphia, PA
85th Tirone E. David 2004-2005 San Francisco, CA
84th Joel D. Cooper 2003-2004 Toronto, ON
83rd Fred A. Crawford, Jr. 2002-2003 Boston, MA
82nd Timothy J. Gardner 2001-2002 Washington, DC
81st James L. Cox 2000-2001 San Diego, CA
80th Delos M. Cosgrove 1999-2000 Toronto, ON
79th Lawrence H. Cohn 1998-1999 New Orleans, LA
78th Floyd D. Loop 1997-1998 Boston, MA
77th David B. Skinner 1996-1997 Washington, DC
76th Mortimer J. Buckley 1995-1996 San Diego, CA
75th Robert B. Wallace 1994-1995 Boston, MA
74th Aldo R. Castaneda 1993-1994 New York, NY
73rd John L. Ochsner 1992-1993 Chicago, IL
72nd John A. Waldhausen 1991-1992 Los Angeles, CA
71st Keith Reemtsma 1990-1991 Washington, DC
70th F. Griffith Pearson 1989-1990 Toronto, ON
69th W. Gerald Austen 1988-1989 Boston, MA
68th Paul A. Ebert 1987-1988 Los Angeles, IL
67th Norman E. Shumway 1986-1987 Chicago, IL
66th James R. Malm 1985-1986 New York, NY
65th David C. Sabiston 1984-1985 New Orleans, LA
64th Dwight C. McGoon 1983-1984 New York, NY
63rd Frank C. Spencer 1982-1983 Atlanta, GA
62nd Thomas B. Ferguson 1981-1982 Phoenix, AZ
61st Donald L. Paulson 1980-1981 Washington, DC
60th Herbert Sloan 1979-1980 San Francisco, CA
59th John W. Kirklin 1978-1979 Boston, MA
58th J. Gordon Scannell 1977-1978 New Orleans, LA
57th Henry T. Bahnson 1976-1977 Toronto, ON
56th David J. Dugan 1975-1976 Los Angeles, CA
55th Wilfred G. Bigelow 1974-1975 New York, NY
54th Lyman A. Brewer, III 1973-1974 Las Vegas, NV
53rd Frank Gerbode 1972-1973 Dallas, TX
52nd John W. Strieder 1971-1972 Los Angeles, CA
51st Thomas H. Burford 1970-1971 Atlanta, GA
50th Hiram T. Langston 1969-1970 Washington, DC
49th Edward M. Kent 1968-1969 San Francisco, CA
48th Paul C. Samson 1967-1968 Pittsburgh, PA
47th Frederick G. Kergin 1966-1967 New York, NY
46th Herbert C. Maier 1965-1966 Vancouver, BC
45th John C. Jones 1964-1965 New Orleans, LA
44th Robert E. Gross 1963-1964 Montreal, PQ
43rd Julian Johnson 1962-1963 Houston, TX
42nd O. Theron Clagett 1961-1962 St. Louis, MO
41st Richard H. Sweet Deceased 1/11/62
40th John H. Gibbon, Jr. 1960-1961 Philadelphia, FL
39th William E. Adams 1959-1960 Miami Beach, FL
38th Michael E. De Bakey 1958-1959 Los Angeles, CA
37th Brian Blades 1957-1958 Boston, MA
36th Cameron Haight 1956-1957 Chicago, IL
35th Richard H. Meade 1955-1956 Miami Beach, FL
34th Edward S. Welles 1954-1955 Atlantic City, NJ
33rd Emile Holman 1953-1954 Montreal, PQ
32nd Robert M. Janes 1952-1953 San Francisco, CA
31st Frank B. Berry 1951-1952 Dallas, TX
30th Alfred Blalock 1950-1951 Atlantic City, NJ
29th Edward J. O’Brien 1949-1950 Denver, CO
28th Edward D. Churchill 1948-1949 New Orleans, LA
27th Alton Ochsner 1947-1948 Quebec, PQ
26th I.A. Bigger 1946-1947 St. Louis, MO
25th Claude S. Beck 1945-1946 Detroit, MI
24th Frank S. Dolley 1943-1944 Chicago, IL
23rd Fraser B. Gurd 1940-1941 Toronto, ON
22nd Adrian V.S. Lambert 1939-1940 Cleveland, OH
21st Harold Brunn 1938-1939 Los Angeles, CA
20th Stuart W. Harrington 1937-1938 Atlanta, GA
19th Leo Eloesser 1936-1937 Saranac Lake, NY
18th Carl Eggers 1935-1936 Rochester, MN
17th John Alexander 1934-1935 New York, NY
16th George J. Heuer 1933-1934 Boston, MA
15th George P. Muller 1932-1933 Washington, DC
14th Frederick T. Lord 1931-1932 Ann Arbor, MI
13th Ethan Flagg Butler 1930-1931 San Francisco, CA
12th Wyman Whittemore 1929-1930 Philadelphia, PA
11th John L. Yates 1928-1929 St. Louis, MO
10th Evarts A. Graham 1927-1928 Washington, DC
9th Franz Torek 1926-1927 New York, NY
8th Edward W. Archibald 1925-1926 Montreal, PQ
7th Nathan W. Green 1924-1925 Washington, DC
6th Carl A. Hedblom 1923-1924 Rochester, MN
5th Howard Lilienthal 1922-1923 Chicago, IL
4th Samuel Robinson 1921-1922 Washington, DC
3rd Rudolph Matas 1920-1921 Boston, MA
2nd Willy Meyer 1919-1920 New Orleans, LA
Willy Meyer 1918-1919 Atlantic City, NJ
1st Samuel J. Meltzer 1917-1918 Chicago, IL

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