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Honored Guest Lecturers

Year Name Title
2016 Brian Kelly Notre Dame Football, The Building Blocks for Success Leadership ~ Program Building ~ Player Development
2015 Colonel Casey Haskins Three Ideas About Changing Things
2014 Rick Pitino The One-Day Contract
2013 The Honorable Richard B. Cheney Interview with former Vice President Dick Cheney: Personal Reflections on Cardiac Surgery
2012 Mehmet C. Oz, MD Medicine in Media
2011 Michael J. Mack, MD The Only Constant is Change
2010 David Naylor, MD Too Big to Fail? Healthcare Reform in the US and Canada
2009 Professor Michio Kaku The Creation of the Universe, String Theory, and Time Travel
2008 Marco I. Turina, MD 50 Years of Cardiothoracic Surgery Through the Looking Glass and What the Future Holds
2007 Mark B. McClellan
2006 John P. Howe, III A World in Need: Lessons Learned in Medical Diplomacy-The Project HOPE Perspective
2005 Richard D. Weisel, MD Cardiac Regeneration
2004 Joseph Macinnis, MD Leadership and Surgery: A View from Inside the Ocean
2003 Frank Culbertson, CAPT, USN The Challenges of Human Space Flight
2002 Marc R. de Leval, MD Beyond Flatland
2001 Mory Gharib Bioengineering for the Exploration of Space: New Challenges
2000 James L. Barksdale Effects of the Net Economy
1999 Judah Folkman, MD Experimental and Clinical Application of Angiogenesis Research
1998 Ken Taylor, MD A Practical Affair
1997 Antoon E.M.R. Lerut, MD Esophageal Surgery at the End of the Millenium
1996 David H. Sachs, MD Tolerance to Allogeneic and Xenogeneic Transplants
1995 Edmund D. Pellegrino, MD Medical Ethics in the 21st Century: DNR or CPR?
1994 Rodolfo Herrera-Llerandi, MD A Thoracic Tale of Two Cities
1993 Mark F. O’Brien, MD The Structure and Function of Tissue Valves; Some Lessons Learned from the Fate of Implanted Heart Valves
1992 Rene G. Favaloro, MD Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery; Twenty-five Years Later. Some Landmarks
1991 Magdi Yacoub, MD Long-Term Transplantation as a Model
1990 A. P. Naef, MD Pioneers and Milestones in Thoracic Surgery
1989 Francis M. Fontan, MD Transplantation of Knowledge
1988 Jaroslav F. Stark, MD Do We Really Correct Congenital Heart Defects?
1987 Jean-Paul Binet, MD New Frontiers – New Barriers
1986 Ake Senning, MD The Cardiovascular Surgeon and the Liver
1985 Hans G. Borst, MD Hands Across the Ocean: German/American Relations in Thoracic Surgery
1984 Adib D. Jatene, MD Left Ventricular Aneurysmectomy: Resection or Reconstruction?
1983 Alain Carpentier, MD Valve Surgery: The French Correction
1982 Wu Ying-Kai, MD Achievements in the Study and Control of Cancer of the Esophagus
1981 Roger Abbey-Smith, MD An Evaluation of the Long-Term Results of Surgery for Bronchial Carcinoma
1980 H. D’Arcy Sutherland, MD Cardio-Thoracic Metamorphosis
1979 Brian Barratt-Boyes, MD Cardiothoracic Surgery in the Antipodes
1978 Donald Ross, MD Cardiac Surgery – The Golden Years
1977 Charles Dubost, MD
1976 Eoin O'Malley, MCh, FRCSI The Doctor's Dilemma
1975 Gordon W. Thomas, MD Surgery in the Sub-arctic:
A Thoracic Surgeon's Odyssey
1974 Shigeru Sakakibara, MD Experiences with Congenital Anomalies
of the Heart in Japan
1973 Thomas H. Sellors, MD The Generality of Surgery
1972 C. Rollins Hanlon, MD Specialization in Medicine
1971 Roger O. Egeberg, MD
1970 Leo Eloesser, MD Milestones In Chest Surgery
1969 E.J. Zerbini, MD The Surgical Treatment of Tetralogy of Fallot
1968 Christiaan N. Barnard, MD Experience with Human Heart Transplantation
1967 Viking Olov Bjork, MD Methods in Open Heart Surgery
1966 Ronald Belsey, MD Functional Diseases of the Esophagus and their Surgical Management
1965 A. Gerard Brom, MD Narrowing of the Aortic Isthmus and Enlargement of the Mind
1964 I. Boerema, MD The Use of Hyperbaric Oxygen in Thoracic Surgery
1963 Andrew Logan, MD The Surgical Treatment of Carcinoma of the Esophagus and Cardia
1962 Norman R. Barrett, MD
Earle W. Wilkins, Jr., MD
Publish or Perish Experience With 500 Cases of Hiatus Hernia
1961 A.L. d’Abreu, MD Thoracic Surgery in the Commonwealth of Medicine
1960 Alfonso Topete, MD New Findings in the Coronary-Encephalic Perfusion in Depressive Surgical Cases

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